Hayward | SPX2600B | Diffuser Replacement, Super Pump


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Fits Hayward Super Pump SP2600X Series (SP2670007X10, SP2670010X15 (W3)SP2600X5, (W3)SP2605X7, (W3)SP2607X10(2S), SP2607EE, (W3)SP2610X15(2S), SP2615X20(2S), SP2621X25)

Also fits Super Pump VS (SP2670010VSP, SP2670020VSP, (W3)SP2603VSP, SP26115VSP)

Also fits Hayward Super Pump VS 700 Omni (HL2670020VSP) Pumps

Fits Hayward Super II Pump SP3000X Series Models SP3005X7(AZ), SP3007X10(AZ), SP3010X15(AZ), SP3015X20(AZ), SP3020X25(AZ), SP3025X30(AZ)

Also fits Hayward Super II Pump SP3000 Series Models SP3007(EEAZ), SP3010(EEAZ), SP3015(EEAZ), SP3020(EEAZ), SP3025(EEAZ), SP3030(EEAZ)


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