White Compact Portable Mini Washing Machine and Spin Dryer

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Portable washing machine and spin cycle is constructed of durable plastic material which makes it steady and dual function feature allows for washing and spin at the same time.
Its compact, lightweight and space-saving design makes this ideal for places where space is limited such as for apartments, condos, motor homes, camping trips or dormitories.
Enjoy the convenience of washing and spinning up to 13 total pounds of laundry (Washer: 8 lbs, Spin Cycle: 5 lbs.)
The wash cycle can run up to 15 minutes on either a soft or normal wash and the spin cycle can run up to 5 minutes which means the clothes can be washed for the time required.
Simple to use simply add clothes, water and detergent and set the machine to wash. Once done give it a spin to try out and rinse through.
This portable washing machines give you a similar performance of larger machines but in a compact smaller size. With an impressive performance and lightweight portability, this portable washing machine will save you time, money, and space.
It does not require plumbing and only requires access to water and a drain area.
Everything needed for the machine to work is included (except water and detergent). Includes in the box is the Washing Machine, Water Fill Hose and manual.
This unit features a 1300RPM motor with a max frequency of 60Hz
Overall Dimensions: 23”(L) x 13.5”(W) x 26”(H)
Washer:12”(L) x 13”(W) x 14”(H)
Spinner: 7”(Dia) x 9”(Dep)
Waterproof Rating: IPX4
No assembly required


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